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20 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Aughawillan Gaa says:

    Please leave a Comment below!

  2. Thomas Quinn says:

    Where did all the old footage go of past teams go ??

  3. Having a look for them now Thomas; not looking good. I took copies of all the photos etc a while back but it looks like they have disappeared. One or 2 of the videos are on youtube – . Paul Bohan Jnr was the man before me… I’m hoping he might have kept a copy somewhere. I’ll give him a shout. Stephen

  4. Thomas Quinn says:

    Those photos and videos were a great source of conversation especially the clip of Mairtin Prior in the 1994 County Final !!!!

  5. mary mc kiernan says:

    Congratulations lads on a brilliant performance yesterday. Ye playwed with such determination & guts!
    Well done!!
    Mary mc Kiernan

  6. Thanks Mary, a great day for the parish!

  7. Seamus mcCartin says:

    Congratulations lads. Nice to see you back on the front page after all of twenty years ! ……………Seamus McCartin..

  8. Thanks Seamus, the feeling is mighty.

  9. mary mc kiernan says:

    Will the first Connaught game be at home, or an away venue?

  10. It’s going to be an away venue; not finalised yet as the Sligo final is being played on Sunday.

  11. mary mc kiernan says:

    Thanks. I’ve been asked to pass on congrats from Laragh club in Cavan & Redhills on a great victory last Sunday!!!

  12. Lrgend says:

    Congrats from your Canadian based fan club in Toronto. Very proud of our exiled son. What does “hon the wellies” mean? And why is there a tire fire burning in the background? This is not the north side of Dublin.;)

  13. Thomas Quinn says:

    That black smoke is Bad hay left over from last year

  14. mary mc kiernan says:

    Best of luck in Carrick next Sunday!

  15. mary mc kiernan says:

    A lot of interest & support for the Aughawillan squad here in Cavan, even though Cavan Gaels are also playing on Sunday in the Ulster championship!!
    Best wishes!

  16. mary mc kiernan says:

    Where is the ladies league final on Sunday?

  17. Think its in Cloone…

  18. mary mc kiernan says:

    What time?

  19. Sorry Mary … Got venue wrong … In B’more at 1pm –

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